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All India survey to ascertain the success level of research efforts


Nandini Chemical Journal,( an online monthly journal published from Chennai by a team of chemical engineers and technologists, is conducting All India survey to assess the extent of utilisation of research findings in operating projects.

View of the industry

There appears to be a view amongst cross section of chemical and other industries all over India that the Indian industries are still largely dependent upon global technology suppliers for setting up projects and even for conducting quality optimization and trouble shooting exercise in existing projects.

Such scenario, has resulted in a situation, where in many cases, projects can be set up in India, only to the extent that the overseas technology suppliers would be willing to provide technology and engineering support to the Indian ventures. This appear to be so, even in the case of some small and medium level projects. The cost of acquisition of overseas technology are often seen to be exorbitant.

Obviously, successful conversion of research findings in operating projects have become vitally important for the development and growth of India.

Expenditure on R & D

In terms of funds released, India’s gross expenditure on research and development (GERD) has been steadily increasing over the years and has tripled in a decade from Rs.24,117 crore in 2004-05 to Rs.85,326 crore in 2014-15. It is estimated to be Rs.1,04,864 crore in 2016-17, according to Research and Development At a Glance 2017-18, published by the Department of Science and Technology (DST).

In 2016-17, private enterprises spent Rs.43,995 crore, close to 42 percent on R&D, while Central government agencies accounted for 47 percent of GERD. State governments and institutions of higher education shared the balance

Ph.Ds awarded and number of patents received

India awarded 27,327 PhDs in 2014-15, of which 15,426 were from science and technology streams. India ranked third in terms of number of Science & Technology PhDs, after China (30,017) and the US (26,520).

During 2015-16, total of 46,904 patents were filed in India, out of which 13,066 (28 percent) patents were filed by Indian residents. The number of patents sealed the same year was 6,326, of which 918 patents were granted to Indian residents. As of 2015-16, there were 44,524 patents in force in India 37,217 by foreigners and 7,306 by Indian residents.

Need for investigative study

While several crores of rupees have been spent by Government of India for supporting the research activities , yet the research efforts in India are still not bringing the benefits commensurate with the investment made.

Under the circumstances, it is necessary to ascertain as to what is the level of achievements of research initiatives in India and what level of research findings have been utilized in operating projects.

Request for support

Nandini Chemical Journal is presently conducting an All India survey to ascertain the situation and evolve appropriate recommendations for the benefit of research bodies as well as Central and state governments.

All research institutions in India , both in the public and private sector and the individuals involved in research functions in various fields at present or earlier are requested to send information  about the number of research efforts successfully completed and number of patents granted since 2010 and the extent to which such research efforts have been utilized in operating projects.

The details may be sent on or before 10th February,2018.


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